Monday, May 25, 2009

Pay It Forward

Until infertility swept, no, knocked me off my feet, I had never thought of drugs as a blessing.

But here in California, infertility coverage is pretty much non-existent, making the cost of the IVF process-and the medicine it requires-pretty ridiculous. I used to think a $1,200 IUI was crazy; but that was before I knew the cost of meds alone for an IVF cycle run about $3,500.

And that's for a low-dose, young-and-healthy package.

But God continues to bless, and just a few minutes ago I signed off on a package of ice-packed Follistim, which would have cost $1,500 had it not been given to me for free.

Because over the last year or so, God has sent many amazing friends my way through infertility message boards and blogging. Not only have these new found acquaintances encouraged and inspired me, but they've also given me drugs. Lots and lots of free, donated drugs!

I haven't asked permission and therefore am not at liberty to publish any names for privacy reasons, but these wonderful, selfless ladies have taken my $3,500 IVF med cost and dwindled it down to a mere $350 by donating there left over, unused IVF meds to us.

So in continuing this pay-it-forward revelation, as soon as I achieve my long awaited pregnancy I'll also be donating any of these unused drugs to other fertility-challenged friends who are in the same boat as me.

Because if free drugs aren't a blessing, I don't know what is.

"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy the blessings of where we are now."
-From Calvin & Hobbes


Foster Mama said...

Thats so awesome!!!! I can't believe your IUIs are $1,200. I was complaining about ours being $360 but that doesn't include ultrasounds.

satto said...

What a great quote. How nice that there are so many nice people out there.

Hillary said...

That is so wonderful!!

G & H said...

that is so wonderful....

Stephanie said...

Wow..that is so wonderful! I had no idea when I started blogging how many amazing people I would "meet"!!
I'm still praying for you girl! Keep up the positive attitude!!

Jennifer said...

That's wonderful news! I can't believe that Cali has practically no infertility coverage -- something should be done!

Robin said...

How fabulous!!! God is good!