Sunday, July 19, 2009

Worth A Shot

Saturday, 7-18-09 (Day 18)

Dexamethasone (.75mg, oral pill): I'm starting to wonder why I even bother at this point. Maybe it would be best for everyone if I just enjoyed this time and ate whatever I wanted too.

Lupron (5units, subQ injection): I'm starting to loose track of which side I'm supposed to receive my shot on, as well as running out of space on my pooch to do the shooting. But I'm actually quite proud of my bruised, distorted stomach, and I sometimes catch myself lifting up my shirt just to stare at it. I'm just so fascinated with this whole process.

Follistim (225units, subQ injection): This shot still hurt, but since we got back home (to my in-laws house) around 7pm tonight, it was nice to be back in a normal, sterile environment, and for that I'm thankful.

Luveris (1/2ml, subQ injection): I'm pleased to say that everything went well tonight, and I'm 100% confident that this injection was finally given the right way.

It's about time.

Sunday, 7-19-09 (Day 19)

Dexamethasone (.75mg, oral pill): My only slip up was the homemade strawberry and banana ice cream we had at my husband's grandparents house after church tonight, but I strongly believe that no one should be expected to refuse homemade ice cream in any situation.

Lupron (5units, subQ injection): Easy. I love it.

Follistim (225units, subQ injection): Our Sunday night services are usually done by 6pm, but we're still down at my in-laws and they last until 7:30pm here, causing us once again to to store our injections in the church fridge and casually walk out of the sermon and into the kitchen for tonight's injections.

We preloaded the Follistim pen in attempt to make things run more smoothly, but it was still awkward hiking up my skirt and praying that no one would walk in during the fifteen seconds it takes to give the injection. As I squatted awkwardly behind the island, half naked and waiting to be shot, I sadly realized that IVF has slowly but surely knocked the modesty right out of me.

Now I just make sure I'm wearing decent panties, just in case.

Luveris (1/2ml, subQ injection): As I pushed my dress back down and retrieved the leftover 1/2ml Luveris from last night for my husband to administer, he hurried to prepare the final syringe. But as he inverted the bottle and started to release the liquid, it began to somehow drip out everywhere, leaving us with less than .2ml of our original .5ml to inject.

I'm seriously fascinated with this whole process.

Truly amazed by how easily we managed to mess this up and left with no time to laugh or cry, we settled for injecting what little liquid we had followed by rushing back to his parents house after church to mix up our final batch of Luveris and complete the missing .3ml with a fourth injection.

Honestly, what was one more puncture wound at this point going to hurt anyway?

Besides; we'll be seeing our doctor down in Sacramento tomorrow for another E2 and our first follicle check anyway, so getting more Luveris won't be a problem. Plus there's just way too much perfection going on right now to let myself get worked up over a tiny vial of difficult egg quality hormones; like the fact that I've somehow miraculously managed to remain bloat, pain and headache free even after six full days of stimulation drugs.

In fact, if it wasn't for that darn dexamethasone redirecting my eggs to be stored in my love handles, I'd never even know I was growing them.

"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward."
-Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Robin said...

You are such a hoot! My RE says the people who get their shots mixed up somehow get pregnant every time. That's good news!!! Can't wait to hear about your check-up today! We're praying for you!

Emily said...

Good Luck on your appt today! I am looking forward to hearing about the tons and tons of follies you have!

WantWait&Pray said... are so cute! You are already on day 7 of stims? Wow girl- you could go in for the ER soon!!!
I stimmed for only 9 days my first cycle and 12 for my last.

You are so true, this whole thing is fascinating. Wait until you see your follicles growing and's awesome!!!

Suzanne said...

Good luck on your appointment today! Here's a tip on how to help your bruises heal more quickly - put ice on them for about ten minutes each day. I was fortunate that I didn't bruise too badly with my lupron and follistim shots - but boy did I bruise badly with my blood tests!

Are you taking children's aspirin as well? That can thin out your blood and make you bruise more easily.

b is for brown said...

checkin in on you, love. had my first u/s this am. doc was happy with my progress. tonight marks day 5 of 300 iu of follistim and 10 of lupron. i still have that little cyst that hurts but they don't seem to be concerned at all. hmmm. prayers and hugs coming your way!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i cant wait to hear what the report is after your first follicle check!

i think its kind of neat youve had to do some injections at church. god is present everywhere, but probably a bit more in a church. ;)

Hillary said...

I can't wait to hear about your first follie check!!