Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheap Shot

Tuesday, 7-14-09 (Day 14)

Dexamethasone (.75mg, oral pill): I was doing so good until I got home from work and devoured a mini loaf of zucchini bread. I suppose the fact that the main ingredient being organic squash grown from our garden doesn't make it any better, because I made it and I know what else is in it.

Lupron (5units, subQ injection): Left side injection was another success. I feel virtually unstoppable now that I have finally conquered the Sharps waste container.

Follistim (300units, subQ injection): Follistim-more commonly referred to as stims-is a hormone used to stimulate a follicle (egg) to develop and mature. The injection is given using a handy Follistim Pen, that looks surprisingly like, you guessed it-a pen, with a cartridge containing drugs instead of ink. These injections will be given at night, on the opposed side of my Lupron injection for the next six days.

My husband showed an impressive desire to take control of the Follistim injections, and has officially reclaimed his manhood by becoming the master of the Follistim Pen.

Suddenly in a Follistim frenzy, I just had to run over to Ross. My intentions were only to feed my constant desire to have something new to wear to an upcoming event, this one being our possible egg retrieval and transfer sometime late next week. I wanted something comfortable, functional, and appropriate for an overly emotional girl who looks six months pregnant because she is growing way more eggs than anyone should ever have to.

Naturally, I ventured straight into the maternity section. What's more supportive and forgiving of a swollen, sensitive stomach then pregnancy clothes?

Never one to pass up a great deal, I came out on the other side with two pairs of maternity jeans($7,$12), one pair of maternity lounge pants($4), one maternity tank top($5), three hard page children's bible stories($7,$7, $5), one pregnancy journal($3) and one week-by-week pregnancy guide and organizer($4).

I have issues, I know. Not only did I not need to be spending the money, but couldn't the celebratory shopping trip of all things maternity have been held after I've found out I'm pregnant?

Oh, no. It has to be before.

Because where would the exhilaration, danger and high of buying maternity wear, children's books, and pregnancy journals be if I were already pregnant?


I'll just keep the receipt and blame the Follistim.

In other, less erratic news, my E2 (estradiol) blood test results finally came in this morning, at 67. My nurse simply said that number "was to be expected", so I'm going to ignore my earlier Internet research telling me that a desirable level is less than 50-60 and just trust her.

I'm a simple girl. It doesn't take much more than officially growing eggs, receiving an acceptable E2 number, and finding a ridiculously cheap maternity lounge outfit for an upcoming egg retrieval to make me happy.

Now all I need is the baby.

"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
-Allan K. Chalmers


Robin said...

Okay, I'm seriously trying to resist buying this adorable maternity dress from the Gap I saw this weekend. But those new duds make us feel good!

WantWait&Pray said...

VERY cute clothes! I think I love the tank (from what I can see). I have resisted the urge to buy bargin mat. clothes for so long that I can imagine the "high" you felt as you purchased....good for you! This is going to work for you, I just know it.

Stephanie said...

Wow you got a great deal!!
Praying that baby comes soon!!
(by the way..I love all your titles to these posts! too cute!)

Lisa said...

Very cute! On a side note, I never had any problems with Follistim, I love the stuff actually : ) Seems like your on a high dose, have you taken it before?

♥Tabitha said...

Never taken it before. Maybe it's just different for IVF then it is for IUI's? I know they'll want me to produce more eggs for this IVF cycle then they would if I was just doing an IUI, so maybe that's why my dose is higher than yours? Who knows!! lol!

Kelli said...

I suddenly have the urge to get my own retrieval/transfer outfits! Great deals you got there! I started Follistim toinght, too! Grow eggies, grow!

Hillary said...

Love the deals!! I think it's a great way to be hopeful :)

Emily said...

I am so excited for you!! I know this will work - I just know it! By the way the clothes are just too cute for words, and your baby bump will soon take the place of your follie filled tummy!

Robin said...

You're so sweet! Thank you for the prayers. And I know you're right. The clean living will hopefully give us great quality eggies even if we get the same number. I'm just stunned that on 450 iu of Follistim, I'm spitting out the same numbers. That's 150 more than last time. So strange. XOXOXOX