Monday, December 15, 2008

Wonderfully Ironic

I'm pretty darn happy in my world of infertility at the moment, so I can't think of anything to blog about. How ironic is that?

It's a great place to be, and I can't complain. Usually when I feel down, or I've been down and something has inspired me and lifted me up, I blog about it. But now I've lost my motivation to blog, and I can't find it anywhere. Huh. But I guess an update is in order, so that gives me somewhere to start.

Our baby break is going well, with one month of ridiculously expensive ConceptionXR vitamins for my husband down, two more to go. Hoping these vitamins improve his count, we have our first real R.E. appointment set for February down in Sacramento to get a proper sperm analysis. Until then, we just wait. And you know what? It's nice. But I still have my moments where I get anxious and panicky because it's almost been two years and we still don't have a baby. Sometimes I still get scared, feeling like we aren't doing any thing about this and we're running out of time. It must be my severe type A personality that just wants to take over, take control, and just do something. Anything.

But then I find peace, and I hold on to it as tight as I can.

This is the most amazing time of year. It's starting to snow a little, and the presents are all wrapped and under the tree. I'm officially at the age where I have more fun giving Christmas presents then receiving them. I have so much to be thankful for as this year comes to an end. I'm in such a good place.

And I'm enjoying this time, right now, infertility and all.

"If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year . . . Today should always be our most wonderful day."
- Thomas Dreier


Stacy said...

I totally understand your moments of anxiety about running out of time. When we were on a break I kept feeling as if we should be doing something. Just enjoy the break and the holidays. February will be here before you know it!

Dave and Elaine said...

I love your attitude! Awesome!

WantWait&Pray said...

Thanks for your post hun...very uplifting! I am so happy you're doing so well and hopefully you will not even have to keep that Feb. Dr appointment! ;-)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

what a great post. im so glad to hear you are feeling at ease. lord knows we are practicing our patience now for when we have toddlers and teengaers. :)

mrsmiller2007 said...

Have you talked to your RE about putting your Hubby on Clomid?? My recently went on it and I've heard alot of positive things about it so far. God Bless!!!

Tabitha said...

Actually, we haven't seen an RE in person yet (the closest one is 3 hours away and we've always been told we were "normal" so we just never bothered with it), but we will in February when we go for the SA, and I'll be sure to ask him about clomid. Thanks for the info!

Sarah said...

Not sure who you will be seeing in Sac... but we went to Northern Ca. Fertility, in Roseville... they were wonderful! :) We live about an hour north of Sacramento... enjoying this wintery weather! I will be praying for you.

NeNe said...

Awesome attitude- can I borrow it? :)