Monday, September 22, 2008

Halfway There

I'm officially 7dpIUI, halfway through my 2 week wait and currently spot free...due in theory to lack of relations with my husband.

That's right, after some extensive questioning the Dr. has a new explanation for my spotting; I have a sensitive cervix. Apparently everyday activities-including but not limited to intercourse-can irritate my oh-so-delicate cervix and cause the spotting I've been experiencing. So this month we are experimenting (oh the things we'll give up to get what we want) and so far we haven't seen any spotting. Good news is if I continue to make it through the rest of this cycle spot-free, then we'll be able to identify the culprit. Bad news is we we'll be able to identify the culprit, and I'll just have to live with the spotting forever. Plus my beloved progesterone will have been unnecessary all along, which is a shame because I've become a progesterone pig and gained about 5 pounds in the last week. No joke, I've been eating everything in sight. Last month I had sore boobs, this month a ravenous, uncontrollable appetite, but I've welcomed this craziness with open arms because I assumed the progesterone would be the salvation from my spotting issues. Now that I've been enlightened, I may not be so much in love with progesterone.

As for knowing I'll be able to find out if this cycle worked in exactly one week? I'm actually calm. Maybe it's because I'm just assuming a negative because of our mysterious low and lazy sperm this month, or maybe my body secretly knows something I don't; I'm pregnant. Or maybe I just grew up overnight and realized that worrying about it can't possibly affect the outcome of this cycle. Either way, I'm loving the peace that I have and I'm hoping and praying it continues for the remainder of my 2 week wait. It's in God's hands, and I know He'll take care of it-and me-spotting, ravenous appetite, lazy sperm and all.

"One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it."
-Sidney Howard


Emily said...

I am praying for you!!! I hope that this cycle worked! Good Luck and keep my updated :)

Jennifer said...

Keep up that positivity Tab :-) I'm glad that you aren't spotting this month and hope you remain spot free for 9 more months. good luck!!

The Wilson's said...

Almost there, not too much longer!!! I have a great feeling about this cycle for you:)